According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, accident is defined as:

  • a sudden event (such as a crash) that is not planned or intended and that causes damage or injury
  • an event that is not planned or intended : an event that occurs by chance

I define it as my biggest (car) fear.  As I was driving home the other night, my usual route if you must know, I was stopped at a red light at the top of the off ramp.  Totally normal so far.  I am at the back of the lane, well actually there are two lanes and that is important to this story.  Why you ask?  Because the next person to drive up the same exit ramp as me…kind of missed seeing the line of 5 cars and the red light.  Apparently red doesn’t mean the same thing to other people as it does to me.  They were going at a fairly decent speed when the crashed right into the car in the lane next to me.

I am not afraid to admit when I heard that very loud boom and associated crunching noise, I jumped.  It was right next to my car after all.  Now I am not sure exactly how much damage was caused exactly, but at a minimum someone needed a new bumper.  And two people just had a very bad end to their evening.  The rest of my drive home, which was about 10 minutes on city streets, I kept thinking, “Oh crap that was almost me!” and that is not a good feeling.

Now as you may or may not know, my car is pretty much my dream car.  I have wanted a Charger for years and finally got one about two and a half years ago.  I bought Zeva used, In large part because I liked the 2010 body styling better than the newer models with the scoops on the side, but she had a few more miles on her than I would have liked.  But she is still MY baby.  All about 4,000 pounds of her.  Together she and I have been in one accident, a lady backed into her in a parking lot, and that was relatively minor damage.  The thought of major damage, like I am sure that poor unfortunate soul had the other night, strikes fear into my heart.  For just that minor parking lot accident, I ended up driving my parents car for a week while she was fixed.  And going from a Charger to a Corolla, oh man that stings.  I was so happy to get my girl back at the end of the week, and still live in fear of getting into another accident, no matter how small.

Love and get to the Charga!



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