This year had a bit of a bumpy start, not a bad start, just bumpy.  Work was very busy, I started my Etsy/crafting business, and I am trying to have a half-way decent personal life and that all just made for some challenges.  So now that my life is starting to even out (or I am getting at planning and/or saying no), I thought I should take a second to remember all the good stuff even through my sleep deprivation.

  • My fur babies are both in good health and adorable as always.
  • I am in good health (minus that nasty bout of bronchitis and pneumonia).
  • My book list has too many good books for me to be able to keep up on reading.
  • My whole family is just a short drive or phone call away.
  • I can take random Friday sanity days and do a whole heck of a lot of nothing.
  • When I want to try out new recipes, I have no shortage of friends to come over and be test subjects.
  • Naps with Kitty Smalls, seriously I nap so much more when I am watching that fluff ball.  But then I dare you to try and move a sleeping cat.
  • The Minneapolis Art Institute is free and perfect to go to on a rain day.  Though I do give them money because I want to support the arts.

Now this list is my no means inclusive of all that I am grateful for, just a few things that immediately come to mind.  What are you thankful for?

Love and the little things,



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