I fell in love with Firefly while studying abroad in France in 2006.  Vanessa had it on her laptop and we, along with Amelia, would watch the episodes after Sunday shopping or when it was too rainy to go explore the castles and churches.  Of course, when we finished the TV show we had to go straight onto the movie!  Any good nerd knows the one season was just not enough.  But needing to bring that show back is a whole different story and could probably take a whole blog post alone!

Now the movie picks up close to where the season ended, with all the same characters.  Granted, in the interim some of them have left the ship but they still come back up in the movie just not in as central roles as before.  The movie is darker and more gritty than the show was in many ways.  Plus the special effects were much better.  I did (ok fine do, I re-watch this movie) like the backstory that got brought into the film.  Some of which would have been very difficult to squeeze into an hour long episode.  Like the whole history of Reavers, it would have been MUCH more difficult to show on TV.  It could have been done but it really would have taken a lot of build up and many more episodes than we got.  Though now that I think about it, it wouldn’t have been a bad thing at all to have more episodes!

My favorite part of the movie is when Mal tricks the Reavers into following him and essentially fighting his battle for him.  Seeing the operative freak out and panic, brilliant!  Though I hate how that segment ends.  Spoiler alert, get the tissues because you will cry.  My second favorite part of the movie has to be when Mal sneaks into the companion house in drag.  He can be very graceful when he wants to be!

Now when it comes down to it, I still love Firefily more than Serenity.  There is just something different about the movie that makes me watch it less.  I am much more likely to watch a random episode or two than to put the movie in when I need a little Captain Reynolds in my life.  That being said, Can’t Stop the Serenity has to be my favorite charity event ever.  If you haven’t heard of it before go check it out.  Not only does it benefit a great cause, Equality Now, you get to dress up in costumes and watch the movie again on the big screen.

Love and watch how I soar,



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