In just a few short weeks, I shall be on vacation near a beach.  Which got me thinking, then panicking, then frozen in terror because of the dreaded swimsuit issue.  I mean I will have to find mine, which is still stuffed in the back of the drawer from last year.  Then I will have to wear it, in public.  When you think about it, you are really just wearing socially acceptable underwear in public.  AKA not much. Not to mention we all pick out clothes and undergarments to hide those trouble areas or minimize the jiggle, not something you can do in a swimsuit.

Women get a raw deal when it comes to swimwear in general.  Men can at least wear a baggy shirt at the beach with their board shorts.  Women get teeny tiny bottoms and skin tight tops.  AKA underwear.  All designed to highlight the bootie or the boobies.  Which means you have increased the risk something is going to pop out that shouldn’t.  So not only do you have to find one that not only fits and flatters and contains the ladies, but finding one that doesn’t cost an obscene amount is a major challenge!  It boggles my mind how much a few small pieces of fabric can cost.  And if you order online, it never looks like it does in the picture.  Oh and if you need a different size on top than on bottom, oh holy mackerel did you just double the trouble.

I can’t decide if having to shop for it is worse or having to get over wearing it where people can see me is worse.  Don’t get me wrong I love the beach and the swimming and the sun, but I always feel self conscious in a suit even when it is one I like.  And I really like the one I have now.  It has polka dots  with little anchors, how nautical of me!  OK I have to stop now, I am getting anxious just thinking about it.  I think I need to go pray to the fashion gods that my suit will still work for another season, and that it still fits.  I just got to look at that silver lining, the dreaded suit means summer is coming.  And that makes it worth the trouble.

Love and waves,


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