The other day something totally silly and stupid bugged me to the point I had to fix it right then and there.  And it dawned on me, I have few pet peeves, but they are weird ones.  For example, I cannot stand the sound dull pencils make on paper.  When they get that grating scratching sound it drives me BONKERS.  A fully sharpened pencil, thicker lead drawing pencil, or mechanical pencil does not bother me in the slightest.  Last week a coworker was using a dull pencil to take notes and I had to restrain myself from snatching it from her very fingers and sharpening it myself.  It took all my willpower to resist the urge and thankfully she switched to pen about half way through the meeting.

Pet peeves are funny things when you actually think about them.  Merriam-Webster defines them as “a subject of frequent complaint” but really that is missing a piece.  To me, pet peeves are the little things that irrationally annoy you.  Which, hilariously enough, is pretty much the exact definition on Urban Dictionary.  That bastion of incorrect knowledge actually got things right (in my opinion) for once!  Or maybe it is just that the word has evolved to mean something slightly different recently and the official records have not caught up just yet.  I want the second to be true, just for the sake of the English language.

I have done a pet peeve post in the past (see Pet Peeve Monday) but even that skirted real idea of what a pet peeve is.  Sure I was annoyed, but re-reading the post it was not entirely irrationally so.  Just like saying your pet peeve is people driving too slow in the fast lane.  That is not really a pet peeve, more of a real complain (partly because it is a safety concern and in states that are not Minnesota it is actually illegal).  So what really is a pet peeve?  Do we just use it now as an umbrella term for thinks that are aggravating?  Or does it truly have a unique definition?  I can’t even really weight in on the topic with any authority as I found myself using it both ways depending on the circumstance!

So what pet peeves do you have?  Any good (read – ridiculous) ones you feel like sharing?

Love and fix your crooked tie already,


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