It is inconceivable that I have not done a Flashback Friday on this film yet!  Arguably one of the most quotable movies (in my world anyway) and no matter how many times you watch it, still funny.  Not to mention the fandom keeps growing and creating numbers of memes.  My personal favorite is the Valentine’s card that reads “I would come back from the mostly dead for you”.  Either that or the Star Wars crossover with Fett and Vader and the phrase.  If you need a few giggles in your day, just Google image search Princess Bride Memes and prepare to laugh your butt off.

Now back to the movie.  There are all the classic elements of film: true love, pirates, sword fights, impossible odds, double crossing, vendettas, plot twists, and more!  Add to that a Sicilian with death on the line, the dreaded Fire Swamp, a man with six fingers, and a little bit of magic and what you get is a film built to stand the test of time.  Just like true love.  Now the movie starts with Grandpa reading the book to his grandson, and really I could do without them.  I mean yes there is that cute little moment at the end when Grandpa is leaving.  But if you cut them from the story, there would be more time for Fezzik (and if you are not a fan of Andre the Giant, I might need condemn you to the pit of despair).  His rhymes are off the hook, and yes I do want a peanut.  But soon enough we get into the story of how Wesley will do anything for his Buttercup, anything she wishes at all. 

I almost forgot to mention, this movie has best wedding scene of any movie!  Such an iconic delivery with the heartwarming message to treasure your love.  I was once in a wedding where at the rehearsal, the officiant launched into this speech.  There was not a dry eye in the house.  Mostly because we were crying from laughing so hard.  Nate didn’t even get past the second word!  See, now that is proof this movie is amazing. 

While this movie is not exactly high art, it is a cult classic.  Like Rocky Horror Picture Show.  So worth your time to watch both movies.  But neither are meant to be taken seriously or have some deep and profound lesson on life.  The popcorn and gummy bears are option, but they really do enhance the viewing experience. 

Also, did you know Carey Elwes wrote a book about filming this movie and his life after?  Neither did I till recently and you can bet your rodents of unusual size that this girl got that from the library!  I promise a review will happen just as soon as I finish reading it!

Love and I will probably kill you in the morning,



One thought on “Princess Bride

  1. Best film ever!! Could watch it everyday 🙂 One scary thing is the change in appearance of the leads since filming, was looking the film up and my jaw almost dropped when I realized Westley is Lawrence Gordon in Saw 1 and Princess Buttercup is Jenny in Forrest Gump.

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