As I was trying to decide what to make for Mother’s Day, I debated a bunch of different options.  Cake seemed to be too much, fruit pie was an option since Mom loves pie but I wanted to try out a new recipe.  So to my Pinterest stash I went.  I almost made the lemon blueberry morning rolls but I really was too lazy to let the dough proof.  Peach coffee cake was a nice middle ground of effort and spring/fruity flavor.

Let me say, this recipe was a hit.  Everyone loved it, especially Mom.  And one recipe serves 12 easily.  Even better is that it was easy to assemble and didn’t require a ton of active time.  Just make sure you put the springform pan on baking sheet as there can be some bubble over/leaking of liquid from the fruit.

Changes I made to the recipe:

  • When I got to the store, there weren’t enough ripe peaches so I substituted a package of blackberries for 1-2 peaches.
  • I was a little worried the fruit topping would be too sweet so I reduced the brown sugar by ¼ cup.
  • I did not add the cinnamon/nutmeg the recipe called for because I added the blackberries.
  • I did use a gluten free flour mix instead of regular all purpose flour so that I could safely eat it too.
  • I had half a package of cream cheese left over from a different project, I turned it into the drizzle topping instead of the simple drizzle that the recipe calls for.

Love and peaches,



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