That fatigue, general sense of blah, need to sleep, oh my god I didn’t finish the laundry and now I am out of socks feeling you get when you return from a vacation.  When you almost need a vacation to get over your vacation, or at the very least a weekend for recovery.  Yep, that is me.  Well minus the socks part since I did actually get the laundry done.

New York was amazing with lots of good company, great food, and amazing views.  Not to mention the weather was perfect Sunday for exploring the beach and parks.  While we spent most of our time in the Hamptons, I finally got to go on a long walk in Central Park.  Just one more thing checked off my travel list!  The Highline is such an experience, part park and part city-scape and like no other park I have ever seen.  I spent as much time as physically possible in the pool, and we went kayaking one morning to explore the bay.  We even had dinner one night at a restaurant that is a boat to keep the water theme going!  I do so love being on the water, especially on vacation.  It was truly a fantastic weekend.

Now reality is knock knock knocking on my door.  Demanding I do things like set an alarm, clean, drive in rush hour traffic, and be productive.  I can no longer spend half the day reading (I finished Game of Thrones on the plane!), I have to pay attention to bed times again, and worst of all I can’t spend the whole morning in yoga pants anymore.  It is rough being a big kid sometimes.

But remember folks that you only get a vacation hangover because you are lucky enough to be able to go on the vacation in the first place!  And that is a blessing to be counted.  So back to the daily grind I go, in part to prepare for my next vacation.  Now that is a happy thought!

Love and wanderlust,


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