Over Memorial Day weekend, I made a point of testing out a few pins I have had sitting around for a while.  Some beauty, some pampering, some practical.  This is the practical one.  And let me tell you I am kicking myself for not trying it sooner.  It is a how to for a homemade multipurpose cleaner, and I am in love.  All of the ingredients are things I keep in the house, a double bonus!  I tested it out on the worst mess I can think of, under/around the stove.

That is right, the dreaded grease and god knows what else got baked onto my walls and side of the stove mess.  Let me just say this is the chore I dread the most.  So much so that I am embarrassed to say it has been over a year since I moved the stove and got all the mess up off the floor.  However, with this handy dandy cleaner I don’t dread it anymore!  What I thought would take me an hour of hard scrubbing and multiple applications of cleaner took 20 minutes and light scrubbing.  I did have to apply two coats of cleaner (letting it soak and then scrubbing off between coats) on certain spots where there was more build up.  Even with that extra, I use that word loosely, step this chore was shockingly easy.

Now this is billed as an all-purpose cleaner, so for the sake of science I had to test it on more than just the stove mess.  Enter, the bathroom.  I used it on the sink, tub, and shower.  It removed soap scum easily and quickly.  Again, barely any scrubbing using a sponge (one with the extra scrubby side).  I did notice a little bit of streaking on the sink where I did not rinse as well as I did in the shower.  But that was quickly remedied.


  • 2 oz dish soap (the pin called for Dawn but I used the Mrs. Meyers I had on hand)
  • 4 oz lemon juice (I used fresh squeezed but bottled would work too)
  • 8 oz white vinegar
  • 10 oz water

Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle and away you go!

Betty Note – the vinegar smell does linger and overpower the lemon if you don’t have air flow.  If you know that will bother you, I recommend putting a fan in the room or opening a window for a few minutes.

Love and lemony fresh,


Original pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/A79RbAAQwMQB4-NoqHcAAAA/


2 thoughts on “Homemade House Cleaner

  1. Half and half dawn + vinegar will cut through about anything in a pinch. Doesn’t smell the best, but dang, THE CLEAN!


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