I admit, I am a little late to the game on this one.  Pun intended.  But now that I have started reading the series you can bet your bottom dollar I am going to finish it!  It took me trying to purchase the second book on my Nook to realize the series isn’t actually called Game of Thrones, that is the name of the first book.  But I figured it out eventually, some days I am just a little slower on the uptake than others.

Now about the actual book, Game of Thrones.  Honestly, it was not as graphic as I originally expected.  After hearing that the show was so bloody and violent, I guess I assumed that there would be more explicit gore.  But really, it is more implied and your imagination fills in the specific gory visuals.  That is what I consider effective writing.  The point was very clear, that guy is dead dead and in a brutal way but it is up to your own twisted mind fills in just how that wolf looks after!  Me?  I have a rather twisted vivid imagination and let me tell you some of that was horrific.

The layout of the book made it slightly harder to follow for me.  Because you jump characters with each chapter, but everything is occurring at the same time, the timeline was a bit hazy to me.  I am still not sure if some events happened before or after others, but for all the major plot changing events there was enough detail for me to place it in a fixed timeline.  This haziness did make it easier to stay in the mindset of each character though.  After all, there would be gaps in their knowledge too as not everyone is present at all points in the story.

I have to say, this has been one of my favorite new world that I have discovered recently.  There is the right balance of relatable items (horse driven travel, castles, and feuds), completely foreign concepts (different religions, tribes/peoples, and Others), drama (the three kings reminds me of the time there were multiple popes), and emotional reactions (I so got mad when certain characters we killed and was completely grossed out by rat stew at Flea Bottom), and animals I want to own (one direwolf please, and maybe throw in a baby dragon while you are at it).  In my favorite sci-fi/fantasy books I would place this somewhere around Dune, below Lord of the Rings, but above Pern.

Love and winter is coming,



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