We all have those products we use every stinkin’ day to get ready.  Your go-to, must have, it is a bad day when you run out of them products.  No I am not referring to coffee, though I do suppose that is true too.  I am talking about hair/makeup products.  Spoiler alert this is a girly post!

Now I use a mix of high end and drug store products every day.  For example the majority of my hair care products are salon quality, but one in particular isn’t.  I am teasing you with that one, you can only find out what it is by reading the rest of this post!  My makeup is the same way.  Many of my eye products are Mac, Urban Decay, and Makeup Forever but my all-time favorite eyeliner, drugstore!

So here are my top five, cannot live without, drugstore beauty products!

Cover Girl Brow Pencil in Soft Blond – As a redhead it is very difficult to find a brow product that isn’t too dark or too brown.  This pencil looks blond but goes on with a bit of an orange tint, which is perfect for me!  My eyebrows tend to wash out in photos, so this product is a must for nights out or parties.

ELF Clear Brow Gel – I inherited my father’s eyebrows.  Plus side, I don’t have to worry about sparse brows.  Downside, they have a mind of their own and like to go in crazy directions.  So even on days where I am only wearing chapstick, I always use this gel to tame the wild beasts. Well most of the taming is done by the brilliant Amber Budd Atelier but this finishes it!

NYX Pin Up Tease Mascara – I adore the brush on this mascara.  My application skills can be not so awesome in the morning when I am in a rush and the larger spoolie brushes can make such a mess for me.  This has more of comb-type brush that keeps my lashes separated and helps keep me from accidently applying product to my eyeLIDS instead of eyeLASHES.

Rimmel Scandeyes Pencil – My absolute favorite eyeliner.  I use this almost every single day.  It applies like a dream without any tugging or dragging on the lids, stays put for over 14 hours, and doesn’t set immediately so I can play around and smoke it out if I want to.

Dove Dry Shampoo – This stuff saves my morning.  It absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave a discoloration or weird residue, and keeps me from having to wash my hair all the time.  After all you are only supposed to wash your hair a couple of times a week, but we all know that can end up looking terribly if you have greasy hair!  A few quick sprits of this on the roots, and problem solved!  It even works on dark hair!  My mom (who has dark brown hair) uses it on days she doesn’t wash her hair too and you would never know.

What are your favorite drug store picks?

Love and frugality,



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