Lately I have been on a kick to re-watch old shows.  Mostly because the only time I really have to sit down and watch TV or a movie is when I am working on a crochet project.  I am more or less half watching the TV since I do have to pay attention to my crafts!  That is just not ideal when you are trying to watch something new (or new to you!).

I have been on a kick to watch the Gilmore Girls, this time in order.  I watched it in college but I definitely missed some episodes, and saw a lot of it out of order.  So while I know where the story is going, I am still being surprised by the plot of each individual episode!  It is a nice mix between old and new.

For those of you not familiar with the show, it follows a single mother and her teenage daughter through their everyday life.  Not necessary normal for everyone as there are rich grandparents, private schools, and non-standard parenting techniques.  But still more or less an average family.

Stars Hallow looks like one of those towns everyone says they want to live in, but no one really does.  There are bake sales, town meetings that people actually attend, everyone knows everyone else, annual traditions that they are actually excited about, and one stop light.  The stop light is a pretty funny running gag for a few seasons!

I think what I like most about watching the show is that it is easy to see yourself there.  Or to imagine that the events are happening to you.  There are no major logic leaps (like in Eureka), or foreign settings (like in Firefly), and the lifestyle is not so far out that you cannot picture yourself in it (like in Gossip Girl).  Bonus, Rory actually looks like a 16 year old girl, and not some 25 year old actor playing a 16 year old girl (I am talking about you Buffy).

Now I might be starting some controversy here but I have to say I preferred Jess to Dean, think Paris is so entertaining and the show wouldn’t be nearly as good without her, I feel bad for Grandma Gilmore, cannot stand dear old Dad, and find Jackson annoying.

Random side bar, it is so darn frustrating that they can (pretend) to eat that much junk food and not gain an ounce!  Every darn time this show makes me want candy!

Love and coffee,



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