That almost seems like an oxymoron.  I was relaxing but got a lot of stuff done.  Well that truly was my weekend.  I seem to forget that sometimes the best way to relax, is to get all those pesky little things off my plate that have been nagging me for ages.  Like updating my Etsy site with new listing and removing ones I no longer want to show.  Or sorting through patterns and making those important notations that have thus far been confined to random post-it notes.  Or updating the accounting spreadsheet so that all my receipts are entered.  Sounds thrilling doesn’t it?  Well, it kind of was.  In the sense that once I was done, I felt so much better and so much less cluttering up my mind.

Even though I was being productive, I still got to do those fun things I like to do to relax.  I finished two books (that sounds way more impressive than it is, I had about 40 pages left in each), tried out TWO new crochet patterns, went to the gym each day, and spent some time cooking.  Not too shabby!  And those pesky little tasks to do weren’t buzzing around in my brain the whole time.  It was like getting twice the amount of relaxation in half the time!

Now I didn’t get the majority of my cleaning done, but I did get the laundry done and a girl needs clean socks!  So I guess the rest of this week I will have to continue my theme of crossing a few of those chores of my list each day, and not letting them pile up all week.

Time to go make myself a new to-do list, the last one is all crossed off.

Love and fun with responsibility,



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