In lieu of the standard programing today, although it is related, I wanted to write about Christopher Lee.  While I am deeply saddened to hear he passed away I don’t want to dwell on his death, but rather celebrate his life.  The act of dying is not what defines us, but rather the impacts we left in life.  Like ripples in a pond, the works of Christopher Lee will continue to influence and entertain people long after he is gone.

He was such a prolific and iconic actor, there simply no picking one such work to remember him by.  From Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, Faerie Tale Theatre to the Last Unicorn, The Wicker Man to Dracula, his work spans generations.  I honestly cannot remember a time in my life when he did not appear in some movie I loved, starting with the Last Unicorn.  Well my introduction to him may have been in Faerie Tale Theatre, that one is a close call.  I have seen both of them within the past year, they still are some of my favorites 20+ years later.  On top of my existing favorites, I am still discovering new (to me) movies he is in.  Considering the number of credits to his name, it will be some time before I stop finding him where I don’t expect him!

He had this immense acting talent, and on top of his skill he had that voice.  He had such an amazing and distinctive timber.  All he needed was one word and he could set the tone of a true villain.  If this makes any sense, his voice truly had stage presence.  Because of that voice and how he used it to establish a character like another piece of costume, I cannot imagine anyone else playing his roles.  Like James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman, he was irreplaceable.

In my opinion, no one played a villain like Christopher Lee.  Something about the way he used his whole self, from body to voice to expressions, he could show the subtlest hints of evil making his villains seem so real.  He was not a big gesture actor, he didn’t maniacally cackle (much).  Bone chillingly, his villains are like someone you could run into on the street, and that made them so much more terrifying.  And that is why he will always be one of my favorite actors.

Love and skipping stones,



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