…which apparently that is a misquote and the actual quote is, “sooth the savage breast” but the meaning stays the same either way.  It has long been recognized that music can influence your state of mind and your mood.  Mr. William Congreve was just smart enough to figure out a way to say it.

Music in my world is like oxygen, I only need it all the time.  Be it having the radio on at home (NPR for the record), in the car (yes I song hop while driving), at work (hello headphones), or going to concerts I always have music close by.  Lately, it has been what keeps me sane and moving as the summer busy social time truly kicks off.  If I cannot get my alone time at home to rest and recharge, then I will just have to take my music as I get from point A to point B.

As my mood changes, so too does what I want to listen to.  There are days where I will listen to the same group of 10 songs over and over and over again.  And then some days I cannot listen to one song all the way through.  When I am upset, my go is Halestorm Radio on Pandora.  When I am happy, anything I can sing to.  When I need to focus, ain’t nothing better than Beethoven.  OK fine, Mozart is also good, but only with Beethoven!  Working out, I have a penchant for playing Eminem.  And when cruising, you just cannot beat country.

If I could only have one media type for the rest of my life, as much as it would pain me to give up books, I would have to pick music.  For music really does have magical charms, and who can’t use a little good magic in their life?

Love and # before they were hashtags,


PS my current new favorite is Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox!


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