If you are anything like me, you almost always have your phone nearby.  So why not make it work FOR you instead of being a time waster?  I have tried out numerous productivity apps and have found a few that have worked very well for me and I have been using consistently for over a year.  So I thought I would share with you my two “must have” apps that make me get the most use out of my phone and help me be more productive!

Habit List by Gerard Gualberto

I started using Habit List to track those weird tasks that you need to do with regularity but not necessarily frequency like cleaning the fridge or monthly medications for the dog.  As I used it more, I started adding tasks to help me create good habits like weekly deep cleans of the bird cage and French-language related activities.  Now I use it to keep me on track, remind me of reoccurring tasks, and I keep adding to it to help me create better habits.

By combining my reoccurring to do lists and some calendar notes I was able to eliminate the clutter of sticky notes on my fridge and I no longer have a paper calendar in my kitchen.  Having all that stuff in one place has been very helpful in me not losing track of when I did something last.  The habit history is also a good motivator as it shows when you have failed to complete something on time or you are now overdue.  They say what gets measured gets improved!


I used to keep a few notebooks for well, notes.  Books I wanted to read, places I wanted to see, restaurants to try, and tons of other things along those lines all went into these notebooks.  I had one in my purse, one in my coffee table, and usually some random torn out sheets floating someplace else.  The problem with that?  You can never find the information quickly and chances are that when you really want the information (such as when you are at the library) you do not have the right book with you.  What I really like about Evernote is the different notebook features, like major headings.  From there you can have many individual notes under each notebook.  For example, I have a notebook for Travel Ideas.  Under that heading, I have a separate note for each place with details such as why I want to go, specific things to see, places to stay, or restaurants to try.

Having the lists handy, always, is the a major selling point.  I have my list of books with my every time I am at the library.  When I travel, I know I have that list with me too and don’t have to worry about packing it.  When I get a blog post idea, I can instantly write it down and not have to worry about forgetting it or where I put it.  Not to mention, it has also made my purse lighter and my coffee table neater.

So go forth and make that ingenious piece of technology work for you, after all it is a SMARTphone!

Love and even a Luddite can use it,


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