Do you ever find that you get stressed out by becoming un-stressed?  I know it sounds weird but bear with me a second while I try and explain.  Sometimes, more often than not lately, I have experienced a sort of backlash from trying to relax.  Like a massive headache after a massage,   or aching hips after yoga class.  It feels great when I am relaxing but not long after, things go sideways.  The stress seems to find a way to cause a ruckus as it is leaving my body.

Granted, once that backlash passes, I am usually much more relaxed then when I started the process.  It just seems like I need away to release the stress caused by releasing stress to get the full benefits.

Now I have been reading a lot of news articles on studies listing out what chronic stress can do to your body.  And it is terrifying.  From high blood pressure, to depressed immune systems, to chronic conditions, to death.  It seems like stress can cause everything that is ever wrong with you.  Betty note – reading health news on the internet might not be my best idea even if it isn’t WebMD.  But it has gotten me thinking that I really need to let go of things more and make regular mental care part of my routine.  I have the gym routine down, I am eating a lot healthier (though I still have room for improvement there), but I don’t think I spend enough time making sure my mental state is solid.  If push comes to shove, I tend to push things like relaxing and catching up on sleep to the back burner for other “priority” things.  Maybe if I took a little time each day to relax and let the stress go, I wouldn’t get stressed out at the thought of trying to de-stress and I wouldn’t need to set aside big chunks of time to relax.  Think I can fit the word stress in that sentence one more time or is that too much?

I really hope it is like eating healthy.  At first when you get rid of junky and processed foods, your body freaks out but then you start to crave those healthy foods.  After a while you get to the point that you instantly notice a difference when you have fast food and you avoid it.  Like maintaining a machine, the more you keep up on it the less there is to fix.  I am willing to take more bubble baths, more yoga classes, and more lazy days just to find out and share it with you.  Here is to hoping my pseudo-sciencey plan works!

Question of the day (well for today anyway, depending on reaction it might become a regular thing!):  What do you do to keep your sanity?  Is it a daily/weekly/as needed thing?

Love and me time,



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