Listed frequently on lists of darkest kid’s movies, I choose to list this on my list of favorite kid movies!  The other morning I woke up singing “I’m Batty!  Nurse, I need a checkup from the neck up, I’m Batty!” so you might say this movie is on my mind.

OK fine, I will grant you this is a dark movie.  But it is oh so good!  You have hulking bad guys, evil ancient monsters, magic, loooove stories, and a kickin sound track.  Plus Tim Curry voices the evil monster, Robin Williams voices Batty, Cheech and Chong are in it, and Tone Loc makes an appearance.  That is what you call epic casting.

While this movie was actually released in 1992, it feels like an 80s movie.  And let us face it, if the 90s really didn’t end till about 2003 then the 80s can end in 1992.  It just seems fair.  I usually lump this movie together with Secrets of NIMH (1982) and the Last Unicorn (also 1982) when doing a kids movie marathon if that gives you any indication n what it is like.

Plot summary!  Crysta goes in search of humans, she is a curious little fairy with a human obsession a la Ariel.  In trying to save the human Zak, Crysta accidently shrink him down to fairy size (think Tinkerbell).  While trying to get him back to normal size, she shows him the magic of the forest and convinces him his logging ways are bad bad bad.  When the humans that Zak had been working with accidently unleash the evil monster Hexxus by cutting down his tree, they must all work together to trap him back, stop the loggers, and save their forest.  In a really upbeat sort of way, I kid.  There is death and destruction and quiet the social commentary on deforestation.

In case you couldn’t tell by the song stuck in my head, of all the characters, Batty is my favorite.  He has the best lines of the whole movie and is seriously sarcastic. Who would have guessed that I would like that?  Not to mention the crazy non-sequiturs when his radar gets messed up and suddenly he is on the wrong channel and ends up hailing Caesar.  I think Batty is a lot like the Genie of this movie, just minus the epic cosmic power and itty bitty living space.

Now that I think about it, Hexxus is a lot like Dr. Franenkfurter and they are played by the same guy too…Hollywood you are a devious one!

Love and only fools are positive,


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