Let me preface this by saying I do not own a FitBit or any other fancy schmancy activity tracking/time telling/whatever else it does thing.  So I suppose I shouldn’t judge it so harshly before I have tried it, but I just can’t help myself!  I did have a pedometer back when they first came out and it lasted about a week before I stopped using it.

I hate the very idea of am activity tracker.  It is just another thing I have to remember to check up on and track and enter and blah blah blah.  I can barely remember to grab my glasses some mornings, and I kind of need those to drive.  There is absolutely no way I would (consistently) remember to grab a watch or clip to wear every damn day.  I have a gorgeous vintage watch that I do not wear consistently for this very reason.  It lives in a dish right next to my glasses too.

Also, is it not enough that I go to the gym five days a week and (mostly) watch what I eat?  Does it really matter if I hit 10,000 steps?  Or does it matter more that my body got what it needed from a yoga class versus a run?  These are the questions that pop into my head every time some tells me I need a FitBit.  Which, that happens a lot as over half the office has them as part of a healthy lifestyle challenge through our insurance.  And in this instance I do really mean the FitBit brand as we got a discount on the brand if we purchased one through the program.

I know they can be great motivation tool, after all what gets measured gets improved.  And it can be difficult to gauge just how active you really are when you work in an office setting.  Not to mention some people really like statistics.  But for me, all I can think of is that it will be one more thing to make me feel guilty if I do not meet that goal for the day.  Or I will feel pressured (which is entirely different than motivated) to meet the goal every single time.  Even on days I am not feeling well or just need a physical rest.  I have enough to worry about without adding on some manufactured problem about step counts.

And to end on a vain note, those things are pretty ugly and really would not go with my outfits.

Love and working out low-tech,


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