I may be a wee bit biased, but I have the best dog ever.  I just needed to share.  I cannot keep all this awesomeness to myself, that would be rude!  Penelope, aka Penny, aka P, aka Monster, aka P-Monster as she is known around my place is officially best dog ever.

She is cute as a button, quiet unless she feels she needs to protect me from the evil dog in the mirror (even that is stinkin’ cute), super low maintenance, adores her walk time, and I can bribe her to do anything with lettuce or celery.  Seriously, her favorite treats are vegetables.  She knows that the wooden cutting board means veggie time and will instantly assume the position below it when it comes out just in case I drop something.   Then she runs away with it and omnomnoms away!    But that isn’t even the best part about my little monster.  She loves car rides, possibly even more than me.  She doesn’t care if we are going to the vet, just so long as she gets to ride alone with me.   When it is safe (aka not artic or a million degrees), I take her with me on all my errands. She is happy as a clam when we are driving, her face pointed directly into the vent.  Fair warning, if you ride in the backseat with her, don’t you dare take her spot in the middle.  And then she gets to people watch when we stop places!  I have a fabulous collection of nose art on my windows at the moment.  Although given that her tongue has an inclination to stick out, it might not all be nose art.

Now look at that face, tell me that is not the happiest pup in town.  And tell me you don’t want her as your co-pilot!

Love and proud fur mom,


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