Can I be excused now, I was turned into a cow. And other epic lines all brought to you by one movie!

What could be better? A story of a bad emperor turned into a llama so he can learn to be a good guy…err…llama…thing. An ordinary guy just trying to get by who saves the day, and the llama, and his village. There are death defying feats of daring, scorpions, dance moves (don’t mess with the groove), and at one point a giant whale!

Oh and there is Kronk, who speaks squirrel. Squeak squeak squeakidy squeaken. A skill that really could come in handy with my sister’s dogs. He also seems to be a proficient chef, again a useful skill. Yzma, the uber villain who looks like a roaring 20s bad girl. Reminds me a little of Cruella De Vil with a bit of Velma Kelly in Chicago but like way older. A waitress who randomly says “mazel tov” because that makes sense in a South American country. Oh and those kids of Pancha’s are adorably naughty. Seriously those pranks look way too practiced to be the first time!

Wrong lever! Back to the story. OK, danger infested jungle chase. The use of dotted lines like in 40s movies to show them traveling on a map, genius!   I love how the characters acknowledge that something is not normal but keep right on going. Like again when Kronk debates with angels. And in the end, the Kuzko is forced to make greatest choice of all! Now I am done with spoilers, I won’t give away the ending.

But for the record, don’t insult Kronk’s spinach puffs, they do look divine.

In short, I love a movie with random talking animals, improbable schemes, death defying odds, one liners, and a drain spout that comes out of a giant nose.

Love and David Spade,


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