This past weekend I realized I was fast approaching burn out level.  Not horribly so but I was constantly tired, didn’t want to do anything but read, and kind of blah overall.  Plus I felt like I was on the verge of getting sick.  Summer colds are the absolute pits.  So I decided it was time for a me day!  Not a full out one with champagne this time, but still a treat day where I wouldn’t feel guilty about not doing my to do list and chores.  Honestly, I think I was more productive Sunday than I was all week because it wasn’t a rush to do everything.

I started out with a gym session, exercise is a stress reliever after all!  Then, this is the best bit, I went and got a massage.  I went to a lady who was recommended to me by someone at my gym, and she was worth every penny!  It was not one of those mindless bliss relaxation massages but the kind that hurt a bit after since she dug out all these knots.  She found knots I didn’t even know I had or were painful till they were gone!  Isn’t that feeling the greatest?  I felt sore for a few hours after but then it sunk in, what was missing was all that tension and tightness!  I wish I could see her every week.

My afternoon was spent reading, napping, doing laundry, snacking on hummus and olives, generally being lazy, playing with the fur kids, and I did not once turn on my TV or computer.  My phone was off for most of the day too.  It felt really good to disconnect and not be bombarded by social media, the internet, and texts.  I need to remember to do that more often.  It is amazing how easy it is to get engrossed in tech, and just as easy to relax without it.

So my sweeties, take some time for you this week.  4th of July is about independence after all, and a little independent downtime is just what the doctor ordered!

Love and naps,



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