I have been using apple cider vinegar as a rinse on my hair for years.  I started on the advice of my hair stylist when I was having issues with an itchy scalp and buildup on my hair and was really not happy with the products I had bought to ameliorate the issues.  But lately, I have been seeing a lot of YouTube videos, Pinterest items, and magazines praising using coconut oil on your hair/scalp to help prevent itchiness and flakes as well as reduce frizz.  I was hesitant at first since the ACV was working so well for my scalp but decided to try it since I have had major frizz issues since it has been so humid!

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Using ACV with the mother is best, that is the cloudy vinegar not the clear kind, but either kind can be used.  Mixing one part water to one part vinegar, pour mixture over damp hair starting at the roots.   Let sit for 5 minutes, wash and condition as normal.  I typically put the rinse on my hair and then do the time consuming items like shaving while it sits.  This keeps any drips confined to the shower and keeps your whole bathroom from smelling like vinegar.

Coconut Oil Treatment

Melting the coconut oil in between your hands, apply to the roots and massage gently into the scalp.  Oil can also be applied to the ends of your hair for a deep conditioning treatment.  You can braid your hair or put it up in a ponytail to keep it off your neck then cover your head with a bandana of some sort.  If you do not use the bandana I found that the oil migrated down my neck and made a mess of my t-shirt.  Advice varies for length of time to let the mixture sit, ranging from one hour to overnight.  I let it sit for almost two hours.  Double wash your hair and condition as normal.


With the ACV rinse, I did get scalp benefit with an immediate relief from itching and fewer dry/red patches.  I typically do this rinse once every other month or every third month.  It has the added benefit of removing build up on the hair shaft and makes your hair really shiny!  The one downside is that the vinegar smell can linger a bit, especially if you go workout soon after.

With the coconut oil, it did help a little with the itchy/dry areas of my scalp but not as much as with the vinegar.  However, my hair was amazingly soft, fizz was non-existent, and my hair was just over all much more manageable.  The main downside to this treatment is the mess, I definitely had to get my t-shirt and the bandana I eventually used into the wash ASAP to prevent staining.


Both treatment options are great, for different reasons.  I will still keep doing the ACV rinse (especially in winter when my skin over all tends to freak out and get really dry and irritated) but I will also start using the coconut oil treatment from time to time as well!


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