Let’s take a break from the children’s movies this week and go for one of my all-time favorite movies.  Now many of you may be saying, Love Actually is a holiday movie!  To that I say you are wrong!  Well partly wrong, it is set during the holidays but that doesn’t mean it is a holiday movie!

The story follows (mostly) everyday people as they plod along through the holiday season.  Through weddings, funerals, dates, work, shopping, heartbreak, family, weird plays with more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus, the whole kit and caboodle of real life as we know it.  The plot, well really plots since each group of characters get their own segments, has so many twists and turns you are constantly on an emotional roller coaster.  You end up cheering for some characters, hating others, you want to give some hugs and tell them it will all be better, and kick a few for being flaming idiots.  In little movie version of six degrees of Kevin Bacon, we gradually find out through the movie who is connected to who and it isn’t always how you would expect it to be.

Now there are some very, unique, elements to the movie.  Like the two sweetest, most innocent characters meeting on the set of a porn film where they are stand in actors.  Only Martin Freeman could make that part work for the record.  There is also that moment when you realize that all their lives won’t end perfectly and you hate them for it.   After all, movies are supposed to be an escape from reality.  Also for the record, I have been to bars in Wisconsin.  I went to college there.  Girls don’t dress like that (usually).  Hello, stilettos in snow is a big no no!

My favorite parts of the movie have to be rockin Prime Ministers dance, the bit about the transvestite versus dominatrix dolls, and Sam’s epic race through the airport.

The movie is sweet and sad, relatable, hilarious, painfully awkward, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and one of a kind.  The acting is spot on, there are so many excellent actors in one movie it is hard to believe.  The sets are real and gritty and not perfect.  There writing is brilliant with a plethora of quotable moments and lines so ironically funny you feel guilty for laughing but do it anyway.  So for all of that, I say this movie gets two spoons way up high!

Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love,



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