My hatred of air conditioning has a serious dark side. I don’t like having it on all the time and as such my apartment rests at about 75 degrees.  So I get friggen fruit flies. Everywhere. OK fine not everywhere but in the garbage (which I take out about every other day) and they were attempting to migrate to the bird cage (she has a fresh food bowl that is mighty tempting!). So I went a researching to find out ways to get rid of them! Queue…Pinterest again. Now I am not the biggest fan of chemical cleaners in case you haven’t noticed, so this particular pin caught my eye since all you need is apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and water. Well you need a jar too but really you could have used a bowl or anything.

Method – add ¼ cup apple cider vinegar, a dash of dish soap, and enough water to make some bubbles. The bubbles are kind of key as they trap the pesky flies.  The apple cider attracts them since it smells sweet.

Now I have to say this works fairly well! I mean it is not some instant fix but there was much progress overnight. I did retop the water twice (and added a dash more cider) and set it back out.  After about a day and a half I stopped finding the flies! 

Overall I give this one and a half spoons way up. With just some simple household items, not harsh chemicals, and a little bit of patience it works!

Love and another use for apple cider,



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