This weekend I went to a rather social interesting social experiment. People were dressed in strange costumes, repeated ritual sayings, spent time making funny faces, marched around in predetermined orders, and created binding contracts.   I must say there were some reactions to events that surprised me, many that were expected, and more than a few that were fascinating.

What does that sound like to you? If you guessed wedding, you are correct! Those funny costumes? Wedding gowns and suits. Ritual sayings? Some of the sweetest words condensed down to two syllables of “I” and “Do”. Funny faces? There was a ton of smiling and you just had to stretch out your face after all of that. Predetermined order? We all had our dance partners so to speak, with the bride and groom leading us all. Binding contracts? That marriage license!

I just have to say, I do love weddings. On a wedding day, everyone is there with joy in there heart. People are telling stories of how they met and fell in love, everyone is smiling and laughing. The only tears are tears of joy (or overtired flower girls but that is the same thing in this case). People pitch in to help out with the smallest of tasks. And there is something about a wedding that makes people slow down and remember to say things like “thank you” and “I really appreciate it”, which just warms the heart even more.

There was much laughter, a few tears of joy, a myriad of good memories, a host of new friendships, and the start of one happy couple. And I had the privilege of being asked to be a part of it. So I happily got up at the crack of dawn, put on a funny dress, smiled till my face hurt, re-enacted more than a few scenes from 27 Dresses, and danced till my feet hurt. Which is my way of saying to Katie and Joe, that I love them both, am so very happy for them, and I am grateful that they are in my life.

I have to say, it was a long weekend and thankfully I have an extra day today to recover from my weekend. But I am going to call it an unqualified success based on one key indicator. I was too busy having fun to take many photos.

So congratulations Katie and Joe! May your love grow each and every day. So that when you remember back you can say, on your wedding day, you loved each other the least.



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