Here in Minnesota, we have had a hot and humid summer so far. That is not a complaint for the record just a statement. But hot and humid weather means…no one wants to cook! You want cooling foods and anything that means you do not need to turn the stove on. I have been turning to my crockpot a lot lately for meals (see this recipe for my current favorite), but for snacks I have to say one of my favorite snacks has been cucumber salad.  It is crisp, cool, refreshing, healthy, filling, and easy to take to work.

Now this may look a little familiar as the sauce is from the Thai Peanut Chicken recipe. But I love it so much I just had to find new ways to use it! I find using my Gefu Spiralizer works best for sauce ratio but you can just thinly slice the cucumber as well.

What you will need for four snack sized servings:

2 English cucumbers

4 green onions, minced

1 batch Peanut Sauce (recipe here)

Simply spiralize or slice your cucumber, add the green onions, and top with sauce. If you want to turn this into a heartier meal just add chicken or tofu!

Love and heat waves,


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