Confession time, I have never seen the original RoboCop movie. It is on my list to watch, but that is a rather lengthy list. Now let me set the scene, after being a part of Katie and Joe’s wedding this past weekend, I was flat out exhausted Sunday night. Like curl up on the couch and don’t move except to go to bed exhausted. Which in Bettyland means, movie time! Netflix told me I would like this movie and I was a little skeptical at first. But this time, Netflix was spot on.

SPOILER ALERT – the plot is as follows. A cop who is severely injured is volunteered be a prototype for a cyborg. There are many hurdles to making the whole thing work, bad guys who want to sabotage the program, and of course a vendetta or two. RoboCop must find a way to control his own body or else risk being killed off by the evil corporate henchman. In a grudge match pitting the human will against machinery and AI, who will come out stronger?

OK done with my moviephone voice plot summary and onto why I think you should watch it. It is plain and simple good entertainment. The benefit of having a robot being the main character is that his acting doesn’t really matter, just how cool he looks. Which is pretty darn sweet. The suit itself, and how they remove it to show what is left of the man, is very superhero badass. The casting of the bad guys was spot on. I had no trouble disliking them immensely. Or cheering when something not so nice happened to them. The fight sequences are well choreographed and satisfyingly destructive.

Badasses, bad guys, and destruction. What more can you want from an action movie?

Love and payback,



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