For probably the past year I have been thinking I could use a better way to carry my yoga mat to and from classes.  Especially in winter, it is a bit of a pain to try and juggle the mat, water bottle, purse, and whatever else I happen to have with me.  But I just could not bring myself to pay upwards of $15 for what amounts to a piece of rope and two seams.  Hello I can do that myself in about ten minutes and will cost me about $5 in supplies, max.

So off to Joanne’s I went!  I purchased a yard and a half of a flat, woven trim since it would be easy to sew.  I would avoid a rounded material since it will be much more difficult to sew easily.  I already had the thread and fray check at home.

Step one, fray check the cut ends of the trim.  Follow the directions on the bottle, I had to let mine dry for an hour before it was ready to sew.

Step two, wrap the end around to create a loop.  You want enough space for the trim to easily slide so you can adjust the carrier around your mat.  For my material, that is a two and a half inch piece on either side of the loop (see photo).

Step three, sew!  I did a simple straight stitch and doubled back over the whole seam to reinforce it.  Goodness, now I cannot wait to go to class!

Love and DIY,



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