I have a not so secret love for chocolate and orange.  Combining them together, oh I am in heaven!  I was inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest for orange slices, dipped in chocolate, with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Confession time, I am so over the salted dessert trend.  While I do love a good salted caramel from time to time, it has been very overdone.  So when I decided to finally make this dessert, I made a few modifications.

Second confession, I am horrible at tempering chocolate.  I either burn it every time or it never truly sets.  So I cheated, and used CandyQuik this time.   But if you have that particular skill set, by all means use real chocolate!


6 clementines, peeled and sectioned

¼ pound of chocolate CandiQuick (or about 1/2 cup tempered chocolate)

Wax paper

Lay out the wax paper so you have plenty of space for the fruit.  Melt the CandiQuick according to the directions.  Dip each segment of clementine in chocolate so about half the fruit is covered.  Set onto wax paper and let sit to fully hardened.

Betty note – these will not keep more than a day or so as the exposed fruit will dry out.  However, they are so quick to make, you an easily make them right before serving.

I feel almost guilty calling this a recipe, it really is more of direction and tips.   But it was too delicious not to share!

Love and stay fruity my sweeties,



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