These are items that if I had to get rid of 90% of my kitchen, I would find a way to keep. They are the items I use not only the most often, but that I cannot find something that works better for me.

  • Wusthof knives – I have three and they are without a doubt the most used in my kitchen.  The grip is great for a lefty, they hold their edge very well, and the balance is fantastic.
  • KitchenAid mixer – I will never not have one.  Though I would consider upgrading to a larger sized one than I have now at some point.  I have had mine since 2007 and it is still going strong!
  • Gefu Spirelli Spiral Vegetable Slicer – makes gluten free cooking a million times easier.  OK that is a slight exaggeration but seriously, it is a major time savor for me since I do so many dishes where I replace pasta with veggies.
  • All-Clad pans – I cannot say enough about how easy these pans are to use and clean.  Amazing.  Practically non-stick with proper prep (aka heat up and coat lightly with oil), cleans up in a snap, and are oven safe.
  • Cast iron skillet – no kitchen should be without at least one.  Just make sure you season and treat these baby’s well, and they will pay you back!

Love and favorites,



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