I was looking in stores for a protein or meal bar that I could keep on hand for those “flying out the door minus the broomstick but OMG I am hungry” moments. This posed a distinct problem for me because I cannot have whey protein powder, or really any dairy based protein supplement. I tried more than my fair share of store bought versions and found that all the vegan or plant based ones were…terrible. I mean down right I cannot eat this I would rather be hangry terrible. Needless to say I was frustrated. And while they are sometimes a good option, protein shakes can pose their own problems if say you are driving or need a meal on the go but won’t have any place to stash the container.

So I did what any crafty girl would do, and I searched Pinterest! Now there are a million different ideas on how to make your own energy or protein bars, and some look delish. Major caveat on a lot of these, they have a ton of ingredients and a lot of them are ones I do not regularly stock in my kitchen.

The recipe I ended up trying (linked here) appealed to me for a few reasons. It had a short ingredient list, it was almost entirely things I had in the house, and it lists substitution options for different flavors and nutritional needs.

I have tried this three times and it has turned out each time. I don’t always coat the bars, I find it is fun but not necessary for them to taste good! Now what I did differently:

  • I used my standard protein powder (Garden of Life in chocolate) and it does have a sweetener in it.
  • I used almond milk instead of yogurt.
  • I did not use wattleseed and frankly I have no idea what that is.

Verdict, mine do no looks as pretty as theirs do. But mine sure taste good! The texture is a bit like a denser version of a Three Musketeers honestly. Not dense at all. I liked it best with almond butter instead of peanut butter, but both were good. The almond butter version was just easier to work with! I only made half a batch each time, simply because I don’t eat them often enough to make 12 at a time.

Overall, this gets two spoons way way up! This is definitely now part of my regular meal prep!

Love and healthy snacks,



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