The other day, I decided I needed a little Legally Blonde in my life.  I hadn’t seen the movie in a while (years probably) and I was in the mood for some good mindless entertainment.  Fairly certain when you look up good mindless entertainment, a poster image of Legally Blonde is right next to it.  For a little twist to this Flashback Friday, I decided to just write down all the random thoughts that came into my head as the movie went on.  I have to say, reading back over these made me chuckle all over again!

  • My college was nothing like that, thank god.
  • So many stereotypes all in one clip, and this is the opening sequence!
  • God the amount of quotable lines.
  • Soooo much pink.
  • Gotta love the product placement from herbal essences and Clinique, not at ALL obvious.
  • Ah the 90s (ish) fashion – belly shirts and pink eyeshadow galore!
  • Also Warner Huntington III is not worth it.
  • Oh and no one should call their girlfriend “pooh bear”.
  • If Orange is not the new pink, why is her MacBook not pink?
  • I feel like it should snow more for being set in Boston, it totally snows more in Boston.
  • All a girl needs to know is how to do the bend and snap!
  • No one is up and moving around that soon after getting liposuction!
  • You are really being a butthead.
  • Perms are so not a good look for most people, oy flashbacks to mine.
  • Come on, that is so not how trials are thrown out.
  • And I have never read an article with that much factual knowledge in Cosmo.  Chemical names, are you kidding me?
  • Kind of an anticlimactic graduation speech!
  • The guy next to Emmett at graduation is like uber creepy.  I have to look away.

Love and faux fur,



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