First thing I did when I finished this book, was look to see if there was a sequel.  Dammit there isn’t!  There is your sign it was a good book.  I will have to settle for reading one of his other books, which thankfully there are many!

Now to call this a zombie book is a gross oversimplification.  Zombie is just the word used for lack of a better term.  It is so much more than that.  It is a mystery, it is a thriller, it is science fiction, and it is quite simply intriguing.  Though science fiction is a bit of a misnomer, it is a book based around a plot involving science (most not real, I don’t think) and it is fiction.  But it isn’t your traditional science fiction with little green aliens.

The writing was superbly balanced with complicated speech and scientific theory mixed in with easy and simply to understand sentence structures.  Each word drags you further and further in, you turn page after page trying to figure out who lives and who dies.  You say “just one more chapter” to find out where the world goes next.  Or more accurately what world they go to next.  But in the end, you are just left wanting more.  One more chapter, one more plot twist, just one more day.

Day, it is organized by day.  It is a novel ideal (pun emphatically intended).  Instead of standard “Part 1” it is by day.  Each day broken into chapters, bouncing from character to character and world to world.  And in just a few short days you get to watch the world burn.  Really the time frame is the most terrifying part.  How quickly things can go from that we know to your worst nightmare.  Scarily enough, that part is all to real.

The characters are rich and so real, they feel like real people and yes their deaths are painful.  There is a lot of death, it is after all a book about a viral plague.  But there is also a singular thread of hope.  Just like our real humanity.  Woven into each person, each scene, each desperate day there is hope.  But what becomes of that?  Oh that is too many spoilers for me to tell!

Love and no they don’t eat brains,



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