INTRO! In honor of National Dog Day, I am kicking off a short (four part series) to make you all jealous of how totally adorable my fur nieces and nephews are.  I have one good looking family if I do say so myself.  Now Penny already got her own post so she doesn’t get one this time but rest assured she has help me with my edits!

To kick off this squeal inducing series, we shall begin with the largest of the fur kids.  My sister’s dog Aesop aka Ace aka Aceroni aka Racer Acer aka oh dear god this horse dog has a lot of nicknames.   Ooo look another! If dogs could talk he would be so embarrassed the Mom and Auntie shared a naked photo of him.  With so many collars you think a boy would always be dressed to impress!
If one looks up “Doberman” in a dictionary, sadly one will not find a picture of Ace.   He has been banished for conduct unbecoming a noble beast. His crime, shoe thievery.  Just the left ones.  Ok that is a lie but just one from the pair!  Usually.  Little snot hoards them on his bed, under his blankets, or runs around making you chase him to get them back.  He doesn’t chew them, just carries them around like little doggie pacifiers.  Or not so little depending on whose they are.

One cannot argue that the home has never been safer from terroristic squirrels for he is always on duty.  He leaves no tree unbarked, no shrubbery uninspected, and heaven hath no fury like Acerdü denied his rightful capture.  At least he has learned to not pull his poor mommy across the street anymore. Though that one sapling didn’t make it.  Sorry tree.

His one weakness, French fries.  But really can you blame him?  Those things are delicious.  He is such a good boy about taking them too, how can you tell him no?  Besides, the Dog Diet is the best around.  You take half of what is on your plate and let them guilt you into sneaking it to them, portion control at its cutest!

Love and life is better with dogs,



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