In my Summer Bucket List post, I listed one of my goals to enter baked good in the Minnesota State Fair this year. This is far from my first time entering, I have been entering cookies and quick breads for about 10 years (with two years in there that I did not enter for various reasons). However, this was my first year entering in the Gluten Free category. I went with chocolate chip cookies and banana bread, yum! My coworkers and friends have been oh so nice as to be my taste testers, though I never told them it was gluten free! And they liked it!

Celebratory Item 1 – I crossed off another item on my bucket list!

Celebratory Item 2 – I ribboned for the first time ever! The banana bread took 5th place in its category!

Now as cool as it has been to win a ribbon (and that is pretty darn cool in my opinion), I have to say the best part has been the reaction and feedback from everyone else. I have had multiple people share photos of them finding my winning entry or tell me they went and found it at the fair. I am absolutely tickled pink that so many people have gone out of their way to find my little entry! I am so grateful for all the people who wished me luck and have congratulated me on taking 5th place. Really, it was shock to get such a massive response. I think y’all are pretty darn awesome.

This must be why they call it the great get together!

Love and goodies,



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