The first time I saw this pin, I thought it was kind of neat but not really all that useful. I mean I have containers for salt and sugar already, and they have pour spouts already.   Why make my own? Till one day I was refilling my salt and pepper grinders and getting absolutely annoyed because the pouring spout on the salt was far too large to easily control the flow into the grinder and I ended up with salt rocks scattered across the counter and floor. Naturally, right after I had just finished sweeping too. I found myself wanting an easier to control spout, you know, something smaller. This pin came to mind and suddenly I got the appeal!

So I not so patiently waited till the regular salt ran out so I could perform a little surgery on it. Tools needed? A mason jar top to use as a stencil, a pen(cil), and an exacto knife. All things I have at home anyway. My one regret in this…I wish I had used the larger sized mason jar lid and not the smaller lid (that fits jelly jars and such). This way it could be used on the quinoa jar which is also a pain to pour. There is always next time though!

For such a simple little kitchen hack, I have to say this is probably one of my favorites. Not only does this help reduce, reuse, recycle but it also just makes life a teeny bit easier. And really, who doesn’t love that?

Love and multipurpose items,



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