Patch, it is a commonly mispronounced name.  It is actually pronounces pa-tches a-HOOOL-e-han.  Emphasis on the “hool”.


A more wiggle dog you shall never meet, seriously finding photos of this one was difficult.  He back half is always a blur.  He is also the best darn people herding dog on the planet!  Though that might not be strictly a bragging point since it is kind of annoying when he barks at you till everyone one is in the same room.  Not to mention Patch (remember the pronunciation now!) is also the fierce seeker of the stick, or tennis ball.  If you throw it, he will find it.  And then beg for it to be thrown over and over and over.  I think we should install a tennis ball launcher in the backyard just to keep him occupied.DSC_5908

Now don’t let that little innocent face fool you, this one is a beggar.  He will sneak up on the couch with you and then nudge your arm and crawl into your lap till you pay attention to him and scratch between his ears.

The truly magical part about Patch, is his singular ability to curl up into a teeny tiny ball.  A dog that big should not be able to take up that little space!  It is uncanny and a little bit creepy I have to say.  But then I am used to the sprawl-a-holics!

Love and wiggle monsters,



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