It is confession time. And I am torn about how I feel. On one hand I feel like I crossed off the items that meant the most to me. On the other hand I feel like I should have made more of an effort to get some of these items done. Items in italics, I am sad to say did not get done this summer.

  • Dinner at Sea Salt – this one I can still do in September and will really try to go!
  • Go to the beach – does an outdoor pool count? Cause that I did do. So I guess, 50% complete on this one.
  • Go for a drive – I took the long way home from a wedding in July and just cruised! Great music, pretty scenery, and solitude. I have to say it was fantastic, it makes me want to go on another cruise this fall to see the colors.
  • Saint’s Game – this one I made a big effort to go but in the end a heat advisory, practically sold out games, and one sick puppy got in the way. I will just have to go first thing next spring!
  • Farmers market – definitely did this one! Yum! The cat ended up eating my flours but the best veggies I got all summer came from the market trips. Plus I found out there is a winter market, which I think I need to explore!
  • State Fair entries – This one was my big deal goal, it had to happen this year. I entered both banana bread and chocolate chip cookies in the gluten free division and took home 5th place for my banana bread! This one was a major success! The results will be mailed shortly so I can still hope that the cookies took top 25 this year too.
  • Picnic lunch in the park – this one I can still do in September and will really try to! After all Penny loves our picnics at Como Park. Mostly she smells everything then takes a nap. But that totally fits into my plans of reading my book.
  • Outdoor yoga – I went to the St. Paul yoga in the park and loved it! Of course I picked a cool day so I needed a sweater but class was still great. Once you really got moving it was plenty warm out and the instructor extended the warm up sequence to make sure we were all ready for the more challenging poses. I have to say the experience of outdoor yoga is entirely different from that of indoor. It is a whole new way of reconnecting when in tree pose, you are looking at trees!

While 50% complete sounds pretty dismal, overall I am pleased with my bucket list. I focused on the ones that meant the most to me. Just having the list made me take a step back and plan out the rest of my summer a bit better. In addition to this list, I got a multitude of other things done that I hadn’t even thought of when I wrote this list. Such as going to see an operetta with friends and family, taking education classes with my brother (which we had been meaning to take for over two years!), and attending the 3rd Thursday event at the Minneapolis Art Institute.

The bucket list experiment was a good reminder to slow down and make time for the things I really want, a good lesson to take with me into fall and beyond. Which makes this whole experiment 100% successful in my book.

Love and progress,



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