Things I love:

  • Dark and stormy nights (well the drink too)
  • Tim Burton
  • Johnny Depp
  • Corset costumes

This movie has them all folks. That and some spectacularly wooden acting. It did leave me wondering where did Christina Ricci’s eyebrows go? But aside from that and a few obvious plot holes, it is a great movie! That is if you want mindless entertainment. Who doesn’t need that sometimes?

Now I know this movie is supposed to making fun of itself a bit, but the part that I found was the most detracting was the character of Ichabod. He was too two-faced in a sense. He is supposed to be an excellent observer, but is too squeamish to have spent much time doing the dirty research work as implied. When he was hacking apart the tree I want to go fix his stance to make the strikes more effective. His scenes where is mostly talking and not supposed to be performing an autopsy were much better, and very Sherlock Holmes of him (which I am a fan of).

All jabs aside, the costuming in this film is absolutely fantastic, especially for the women. They were period without being overdone, very suited to the characters, and looked flawless on screen. The dress the step-mother is wearing at the end of the film is far and away my favorite. The pattern is incredible, it fits her like a glove, and it gives such a subtle message about the nature of her character. I am firm believer that the clothes influence the person wearing them, that is even more true for actors in a role. The clothing can definitely make or break a character to me.

In summary, solid entertainment with all those quirks and oddities you expect from Tim Burton. I give it one and a half spoons way up!

Love and it is pumpkin season,



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