I had a revelation this weekend, of the chicken variety.   I decided to roast a whole chicken for dinner Saturday as I had some friends coming over and was drawing a total blank on how many minutes per pound of bird. Naturally, I googled it and decided to look at the Martha Stewart link. She knows her stuff, I figured she must have a good answer!

Well it wasn’t just a link to a table, but a whole recipe on how to roast a chicken. And something unexpected caught my eye. The temperature. I have always roasted my chickens at 350 degrees. It never occurred to me that there would be a better temperature to roast a chicken, unless you were making a rotisserie or something. But Martha, she tells me I have been wrong my whole darn life! I should be roasting at 425 degrees! Let me tell you, she was so right.

The past few times I had roasted a whole chicken, I hadn’t been wowed by the results. The bird took much longer to cook than estimated and it never really got golden brown and crispy. It didn’t dry out thankfully but it just wasn’t what I thought it should be.

I didn’t follow the rest of the recipe exactly as I had my own flavorings I wanted to add. But I did following the cooking instructions to the letter. This time, the skin was browned and crispy. The meat was literally falling off the bones (well the leg bones anyway). It was simply delicious. Not to mention, it cooked in exactly the amount of time Martha said it would! Which meant, my dinner plans weren’t thrown into disarray waiting on something to finish cooking.

So I give this recipe two spoons way way up! If I had a third hand, I would raise that one too.

Love and drummies,


Recipe link: http://www.marthastewart.com/356165/perfect-roast-chicken


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