I did it y’all!  Well mostly, I did miss one day towards the end.  Let me tell you that was frustrating when I realized it!!  The 30 Day Challenge verdict is….totally worth it.  I definitely noticed I was planning my days better, also know as making time for the priorities more and getting sucked into meaningless tasks less.  I also learned a lot (just look at the list below!) and even got to use the trivia a few times in conversation!  I did stick mostly to my old favorite podcasts of Stuff You Missed in History Class and Stuff You Should Know.  However, I did discover two new podcasts that I am extremely exited to listen to more often!  The gentleman at Stuff You Should Know recommended Sawbones for weird medical topics (Day 25) and one of my coworkers (thanks Anneka!) suggested RadioLab when she heard about my challenge (Day 25).

Now I can honestly say after this I will not be listening to at least an episode a day.  What I can say is that I will be listening at least a few days a week.  I did enjoy actually having a use for my commutes and listening while doing boring chores like dusting and dishes.  It makes the time seem more useful and less wasted.  I have already started my next challenge too, no candy!  I will let you know how that one goes in just about 30 days (insert winky face emoticon here).

List of Podcasts and Abbreviations

Stuff You Missed in History Class SYMIHC
Stuff You Should Know SYSK
Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me WWDTM

  1. A brief history of peanut butter SYMIHC
  2. How Umami Works SYSK
  3. That time nazis invaded Florida SYSK
  4. How the terra cotta army works SYSK
  5. How hot air balloons work SYSK
  6. Popsicle vs Good Humor SYMIHC
  7. Passive voice Grammer Girl
  8. The Franco-Mexican Pastry War SYMIHC
  9. The Lady Who Turned to Soap SYMIHC
  10. How to donate your body to science SYSK
  11. Unsinkable Violet Jessop SYMIHC
  12. Battle of Guilford Courthouse SYMIHC
  13. Nirvana: not the band SYSK
  14. 10 Bizarre Medical Treatments SKSK
  15. Why do lefties exist? SYSK
  16. Emmy Noether, Mathmatics Trailblazer SYMIHC
  17. How police dogs work SYSK
  18. How Alcoholism Works SYSK
  19. Dark legacy of sea monkeys SYMIHC
  20. Embaliming and mummification rituals of Ancient Egypt SYMIHC
  21. Victor Lustig: con man extraordinare SYMIHC
  22. Black Hole of Calcutta SYMIHC
  23. How chili peppers work SYSK
  24. 6 more impossible episodes SYMIHC
  25. Fainting and Corsets – Sawbones, Nazi Summer Camps – RadioLab. Frank Oz – WWDTM
  26. 457 If versus Whether – Grammer Girl, All Animal Edition – WWDTM
  27. The Great Nuclear Debate of 1983 SYSK
  28. Missed!
  29. How publicists work SYSK, Tom Ricketts WWDTM
  30. Lisztomania SYMIHC

Love and focus,



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