Since the Summer Bucket List was a success, at least in my book, I thought I would make a Fall/Winter Bucket List too. There is nothing like setting some goals to get your butt in gear, especially when the weather is making you want to do nothing more than hide under the covers. With that in mind, I am setting 10 goals to be completed prior to the snow melt in March(ish).

  1. Photos with Penny – because I don’t have many pictures of the two of us together!
  2. Build a snowman – I haven’t made one in far too many years.
  3. Go to the St. Paul Winter Carnival – the last time I went I was still a little kid, time to get back.
  4. Visit a pumpkin patch – I have never gone to one before!
  5. Go to the Science Museum (either for a third Thursday even or special exhibitions) – this is something I keep meaning to do but haven’t in…way too long to admit.
  6. Go to the new Hollidazzle Village (November 28 – December 24) just to check it out!
  7. Learn to crochet mittens, because I love them so but have a tendency to destroy them quickly.
  8. Go to a hockey game, it is after all the best way to pass the time between baseball seasons.
  9. Host one party of at least 10 people (I am sort of stuck in an entertaining rut!).
  10. Volunteer once a month (can be for the animal rescue, at a work sponsored event like Feed My Starving Children) since the holidays are all about giving back.

Love and accountabilibuddy,



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