Aoife, the artist formally known as “Princess” is a regal one.  It is silly that she ever had the name “Princess”, that is like naming a supermodel Pretty.  How obvious.

Aoife v2

But for all that, she is a simple girl.  She loves Daddy and Tall Daddy, her dino, and her tennis ball.  That last one might be a bad example since only one brand of tennis ball will do.

Aoife 3

She is an excellent snuggle pup.  Wants nothing more to more to be in your lap or next to you on the couch.  But you may have to carry her around from time to time.  You have been warned.  Her table manners are excellent, she never even tries to steal from your plate.  But she is people too and needs her spot!

 Now I know you are jealous of my awesome niece, but tough luck kiddos she is our family!  If you are really really luck, I may just let you give her scritches from time to time.

Aoife 1

So I am jut going to leave you with this dose of cuteness on a Monday.  You are welcome.

Love and snuggles,



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