Pepper, best known for her stylish pedicures, irrational hatred of The Hand That Feeds Her (aka Grandpa), and her uncanny resemblance to Adrien Brody.  Also her ability to meerkat and dance perfectly to “I like to move it move it” from Madagascar.  She is a blanket thief extraordinaire, doesn’t matter if you had it first it is now hers.  Though this does mean that you have a snuggle buddy for TV time.  I do so love snuggle buddies.

Also, just look at those ears!  And her pink toes.  Pink, not red.  Cause according to certain unnamed people red makes her look like she is bleeding.  I haven’t seen blood come in candy apple red, have you?

She is a great road trip companion…she fits in the tiniest of spaces.  She loves her car rides too.  Just careful since she looks pathetic so people may act irrationally if they see her in the car alone.  She barely meets the high requirement for the Window Watching ride too, look at her standing on her tippy (pink) toes!
Also, just because shaming Dad is fun cause he isn’t on the internet, Pepper said I had to use this picture.   She found her self a comfy seat and a sunbeam all in one go!  Not to mention, she was closer to the table for stealing opportunities.
Love and lookalikes,



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