Y’all how have I gone over a year blogging and not done a post on one of my absolutely favorite movies?  I adore this movie, beyond reason.  Or really if you think about how great the movie is, I suppose I love it within reason.

For those you who have not seen the movie yet, let me give you a short recap.  Three sisters, witches, are hung in Salem in the 1600s for killing children.  Then some fool of a child lights a candle which brings the sisters back from the dead on Halloween night.  Here is the catch, if they can steal the life from enough children before the sun rises, then they will live forever.  The fool of a child, his sister, and his crush must stop the sisters before they can carry out their evil plot.

They modern day meddling kids do have some help in the form of a cat, or really a child from the 1600s cursed to be a cat.  And a zombie, but he is a good zombie!  Which the kids really do need help since the parents are all trapped at a party dancing till they die…unless the sisters are stopped!

Now this all may sound like a fairly routine Halloween movie, but I promise it isn’t.  For one, Bette Midler is one of the witchy sisters.  She only cackles a little.  She is sassy and bossy as all get out, the perfect ring leader for what could be termed as the three stooges of witches.  There are song and dance numbers (with Bette as an actress how could you not?), a fantastic scene of a witch being forced to fly a vacuum for a broom, and a multitude of one liners which is a must for any truly loveable movie.

If you enjoy movies such as Nightmare Before Christmas or Gremlins, it is a very good bet you will love this movie.

Love and amuck amuck amuck!



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