As you all are aware, I am a bit of a crafty lady.  So yes I spend far too much time on Pinterest.  But sometimes this comes in handy!  Like when you are sick of your ugly (inexpensive) knife block.  Side bar – my block might be cheap but my knives sure aren’t, priorities after all!

Naturally Pinterest had ideas on how to make it look not so…blah.  Little cleaning/sanding, little paint, and voila!  It coordinates with my décor!  For the record my kitchen décor is black, green, and burnished silver.  So I went with painting the block black and adding silver free form accents to it.  In the end, I was very pleased with this!  It looks much better and not so out of place.  It was literally the only blonde wood in the entire place.

Now normally, I wouldn’t share a hack this simple (it is just a bit of paint after all) but Betty had a whoopsie when she did this and felt the need to share/make fun of herself.  You see, I have a ton of different paint in the house.  After all I did take all those painting classes.  But really, it is the wrong kind of paint.  Now my original intent had just been to paint it silver.  And the silver paint I have is meant to be painted on wood.  But then I decided I wanted it black too…bad idea.  I hadn’t had all my coffee yet and did not think of the repercussions of using oil based paint.  AKA it took three days to dry!  The silver took like an hour for the record.

That gaff aside, I am very pleased with this idea and give it two spoons up!

Love and a comedy of errors,



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