I feel like I need to clear the air a little here.  I hate carpet.  I infinitely prefer wood or tile floors.  My first two apartments had either minimal (like 3 square feet) or no carpet.  I loved it.  Sweeping and mopping is so easy!  Having to constantly vacuum and treat stains stinks.  So when I moved into my current residence, while the carpet was new, I still hated it.  It is also fairly cheap and has easily shown signs of wear and tear.  Granted I have lived here for over three years so some should be expected.

Now I had seen both of these ideas and had been meaning to test them out for a while but really I couldn’t see either of them being a blog post in and of themselves.  They both had easy directions and would obviously work or not.

Idea 1 – Easy Stain Remover

I have a SpotBot (which I highly recommend by the way) and typically treat any stains as soon as I see them.  However, my dog loves to carry her food around and well she is nicknamed the P-Monster for a reason.  So after doing a deep clean on my carpet recently, I noticed a stain mark that seemed to be coming back and fast.  It wasn’t a new stain as I had treated that area prior to cleaning it.  But it seemed like more was coming to the surface that the commercial stain remover hadn’t gotten.  Now what I liked most about this idea is that it is so basic and I had all the tools already.  Simply saturate (lightly) the stain with white vinegar, top with baking soda, let sit and be disgusted at how it changes color, and vacuum after about a day.

Let me tell you, I was well and truly disgusted at what was being pulled out of my carpet.  I am not exaggerating when I say the baking soda continued to change and darken in color for the first at least 4 hours.  I know, I kept peaking!  Would I say this perfectly removed the stain?  No I am sure it didn’t.  Did it do an excellent job and make the area much better?  Absolutly.  Will I use this again?  Already have!

Idea 2 – Remove Carpet Marks with Ice Cubes

I was hesitant about this idea, it just didn’t seem to make much sense to me.  But then I saw that Martha Steward had a post about it.  Martha has rarely let me down.  I recently rearranged my living room to make space for me new craft table so I have a fair number of marks left in the carpet from where the furniture had been.  I was patient at first, I did let this go for about a week hoping it would just kind of pop back up and take care of itself.  Shockingly (sarcasm) it did not.  So I tried this out on two of the smaller mark areas made by my end table.  The one thing Martha did not tell me was how long to leave the ice on the marks, so I periodically checked to see the progress.  After about 5-10 minutes the marks were already starting to fade.  I did let the ice melt completely.  While not perfectly removed, the marks are now barely visible!

Love and fibers,



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