This product is a life savior in winter.  Now that is getting cold (ok fine IS cold) and the air is super dry, I have already noticed my skin drying out faster and starting to itch.  Especially my hands and feet for some reason!  While I have this product stocked year round, I definitely start to use it more this time of year.

I started using it after I had some moles removed to test for skin cancer and the dermatologist had me apply it to the areas to prevent scarring.  Since then I have discovered a myriad of uses for this product that I wanted to pass along the best!

  • Cuticle treatment – apply a small amount and massage into cuticles as needed to help keep them from cracking. This has saved my hands since I started crocheting more, the yarn really does dry out your fingers!
  • Foot cream – at night, apply Aquaphor to your feet and then cover with cotton socks. In the morning your feet are so soft!  I do this about once every week or two in winter since my skin dries out so much.
  • Hand cream – apply before bed to prevent dry and cracked skin.
  • Dry/rough patches – while this product is not good as full body moisturizer it is excellent for those very dry elbows/knees/assorted patches in winter. Just apply and let soak in.
  • On new skin – apply to new skin areas such as cuts or scrapes to help prevent scarring. Please make sure you consult a medical professional if you have ANY concerns at all.  I am not a medical professional and am just going off of what the dermatologist recommeneded to me.  Second point of clarity – use only on HEALED new skin, not on open wounds still scabbed area.

The only real downside to this product is that it takes time to soak in and can feel a little, so night use is best.

I have seen some ideas floating out there (ok fine in Pinterest) to use this as an emergency lip balm or eyebrow gel but I have never tried those, they just don’t seem to be practical. If your lips are that dry, use Carmex instead, that stuff is amazing.

Love and winter is coming,




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