Anyone who has spent any time on Pinterest has seen about a dozen ways to repurpose mason jars, from wedding décor to bathroom organization to soap dispensers.  I chose to try out the soap dispenser method seeing as how I am not planning a wedding and I happen to love my bathroom décor.

The pin I found that made the most sense had to separate options, I went with the easier (more foolproof) method.  All you need is a sharp(ish) tool – I choose an awl I use for jewelry making, a hammer, waterproof glue – I used superglue, a dispenser/pump – I had one from a used up facewash bottle, and of course the mason jar.  There is the option to paint the lid but I just didn’t feel like it was necessary in my case.

I started by puncturing the center of the lid and then worked my way gradually outward till there was enough space for pump to fit.  I would recommend rather than starting at the center to mark the approximate size you need and work in a circle.  When I started moving outward, I had trouble keeping the hole circular as the awl kept slipping.

I took the extra step to flatten the edges on the lid by hammering them down before I glued the pump to the lid.  Let the glue set, fill with your choice of soap, and you are all set!  See this link for complete directions and the other method!

I have to say this has been a surprisingly useful project.  Not only is the messy Dawn bottle off the sink, but I am able to much more easily control the amount of soap that I use to clean my dishes.  So no only am I repurposing the pump and the jar but I am saving resources in the long run!

The entire process took me about 15 minutes, including reading the directions.    If you choose to paint it, then you need to factor in drying time as well.  Overall, I give this two spoons way up!  It is just too bad I only have need for one, or would definitely be making another!


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